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African Curry Has More Than a Dozen Spices

The cuisines of Africa are many and varied, but most share some common traditions — beginning with fire and spices.

Often simmered over an open fire, slow-cooked stews and soups are staples of African home cooking.

And African cooks have embraced the use of imported spices since the earliest days of the trade routes that crossed the continent enroute from Asia to the Mediterranean and Europe. In later years, slaves from India and Indonesia brought their taste for curried dishes to South Africa.

Some African dishes are fiery-hot, using chilies like piri piri pepper that set the mouth aflame; bland side dishes such as rice, porridge and flatbread help absorb the heat.

But our favorite African curry dish has only the mildest of heat as a background note to warm and sweet spices that complement the flavors of the beans, fresh vegetables and herbs.

This recipe calls for one of the most complex spice blends Ronit has created for Whole Spice. Our African Curry is made with more than a dozen individual — and colorful — ingredients including yellow mustard, green cardamom, black pepper, ginger and cinnamon.

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