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Almond Cranberry Rice is Simple and Appealing

Rice is one of our favorite grains to prepare, because of its many varieties and almost infinite possibilities.

Slow-cooked arborio rice makes creamy Italian risotto; bomba rice is the classic base for Spanish paella; mochi rice makes sweet Japanese desserts; and so on. You could make a rice dish from a different culture every day of the week.

Our go-to carb — especially on busy days — is basmati rice, which originates in India and Pakistan. Basmati’s long, slim grain cooks up quickly and evenly, absorbing the cooking liquid to yield a fragrant, fluffy dish.

We love adding fruit and nuts to basmati, along with some savory aromatics and a chiffonade of fresh herbs to add flavor and eye appeal.

In fact, Ronit has created an entire line of rice and pilaf seasonings that make it easier for home cooks to whip up delicious side dishes like this week’s recipe.

But you don’t need a store-bought mix. With sliced almonds, fresh cranberries and parsley and just a few staple seasonings, you can have this rice on the table in less than 20 minutes.

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