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Apple Strudel with Puff Pastry: Easy and Delicious

Flaky, buttery and fragrant with spices, strudel originated more than three centuries ago in central Europe.

Strudel is most often associated with Hungary, Austria and neighboring countries, but wars and migrations have brought this delicious pastry to the world.

“My grandmother would butter her hands, take a lump of dough and stretch it out until it covered the whole kitchen table,” recalls a Hungarian-American friend of ours.

In this traditional method, the translucent, buttery dough is then cut into pieces and layered, like filo dough for baklava, before the cooked fruit filling is added.

It’s a lot of work. We love strudel, but wanted a way to enjoy its flaky goodness without covering the entire kitchen table with dough.

To the rescue: packaged puff pastry, available at any supermarket. Keep some in your freezer to enjoy an easy and delicious strudel any time.

You can use this filling to make two smaller strudels, or one large one.

Get the recipe: »» Apple Strudel with Puff Pastry

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