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  • On-Line Store

    Click on link to go directly to Whole Spice On-Line

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  • The School Project

    A week ago, Shuli and I had participated as volunteers at our sons school. This joint effort involved students from Kindergarten through the third grade.We had the great pleasure of demonstrating how various spices were used in ancient times as dyes and for cooking. Each child was given the opportunity to dye a muslim bag with turmeric,choose from a large array of spices to make their own Havdalah mix, and use a mortar and pestle to grind spices for making Israel's famous za'atar spice blend.The children sprinkled the za'atar mixture over sour cream and olive oil and it was served to the entire school as an accompaniment to their delicious school lunch, much of which was prepared by the students on-site .

    The following day when the muslin bags had dried, the Kindergartners filled the bags with their spice blends making their own b'samim bags (same as potpourri bag) for Havdalah, which is a Jewish religious ceremony that marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and holidays ushering in the new week. The ceremony is usually celebrated at home with family and friends and includes three blessings: over wine, spices, and lighted candles. Continue reading

  • Hawaj: The Curry of Yemen

    In a previous article we featured one of our top selling signature spices called Hawaj for Coffee, which is a mixture made up of cloves, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. Our other top seller is Hawaj for Soup a favorite spice blend used in many traditional dishes and is considered to be the curry of Yemen.

    As in all popular cuisine, the spices used in preparing a particular dish become synonymous to that culture just as India is equated with curry, Hawaj spice is to Yemen. Thank goodness these great recipes are passed on to the next generations of families that carry on with the traditional dishes that are associated with that culture. Continue reading

  • Turmeric The Golden Wonder of Herbs & Spice

    Most of you who enjoy cooking probably have turmeric in your spice cabinet right now. And even though you may use it often, what you may not know is that this common item is one of the worlds best all around herbs.

    Turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant and is a perennial relative of the ginger family. Its tough brown skin and deep, orange-red fleshed rhizome is dried and ground into a powder. Although most usage of turmeric is in the form of root powder, the leaves of turmeric can be used to wrap and cook food which imparts a distinct flavor. This usually takes place in areas such as southern Asia where turmeric is grown locally, since the leaves used are freshly picked. Continue reading

  • Paprika Series Part 1 - Capsicum Annuum

    It is my pleasure to present a series of posts about one of my favorite spices -- paprika. The first part will be about the spice and its origins. The second part will be about my husband's mother, who lives in Israel, and has a paprika farm.

    Paprika refers to the Capsicum fruit which is a bell pepper. When it is dried and ground into a powder it is then used as a seasoning in many cuisines from around the world to add color and flavor to the dishes. The major producers of paprika are Spain and other Mediterranean regions, South America, India, Hungary and California. But Israel has emerged to join this well-established group as a serious paprika grower. I asked one of the farmers that we do business with to tell us about the process of cultivating paprika, the varieties that are produced and about the differences in various paprika peppers. Continue reading

  • Shuli's Mom and the Paprika Farm

    Shuli's Mom Shuli's Mom

    In 1949, Shuli's mother and her family emigrated from Yemen to Israel, where they settled in the Negev desert in the southern part of the country. Her history with paprika peppers started about 30 years ago, when they were farmers growing vegetables and running a dairy farm.

    Shuli's father used to go to the spice market on a regular basis to buy spices for his wife. When he returned with his purchases, they would often complain about the quality. One day when Shuli's dad came home from the spice market, he informed his wife that they were going to open a spice shop! Soon afterward they opened their very own spice store which they proudly called Tavlinai Ha Bayeit (Home Spice).

    Shuli's mother began searching around for quality sources of whole spices, which she would then grind on a daily basis. Yet, the paprika peppers she bought were still not up to the standard of quality she was looking for. So she decided to start growing her own peppers.

    At first she planted a small quantity — about one acre. Soon after that, the quality paprika she produced became so popular she had to plant more, up to 10 acres.The paprika farm included the whole family, and along with her husband, the children also helped out. Right after school they would have to do weeding, planting, harvesting or grinding chores. Each child had his or her daily tasks to finish before they could go out and play. Continue reading

  • The Spices of Morocco

    Agriculture, history and the Berbers (Morocco's earliest indigenous inhabitants), have all joined to produce one of the worlds greatest cuisines.

    Historically,North Africa was a stopping point on the spice trade route between Europe and the Far East. As a result, North African cooks adopted many spices into their cuisine. The freshness and variety of spices are crucial in North African cooking. People can buy freshly ground spices and fresh herbs in the souks (marketplaces lined with open-front stalls), typically found in the old quarters of cities. Sellers display great mounds of spices, creating a rainbow of colors and delicious array of smells. The markets also abound with fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, fish, fresh and dried fava beans and lentils, grains, and jars of olive oil. The souk is a feast for the eyes and nose. Continue reading

  • Testimonials (continued)

    La Saison, Napa Valley -- "Whole Spice allows for us to add dimension to our dishes while keeping the integrity of the ingredient. Their product is of the highest quality offering a clean, consistent & dynamic flavor profile. Whole Spice is just that... a whole lot of delicious spices! We prepare food for everything from anniversaries to lunch boxes and Whole Spice always helps us stay simple and creative with 1000's of flavors. If we need a cup of ground spices or twenty pounds of dried herbs Whole Spice can always accommodate our unique business needs." Natalie & Jonathan Niksa

    Los Angeles Times - "Stuck on what to give Dad, Gramps, your hubby or your father-in-law for Father's Day next Sunday? We've got you covered with some ideas, no matter what his style".  By Ingrid Schmidt,0,5902919.photogallery

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  • Reviews

    Meal Rescue Squad: New Ways to Spice Up Your Everyday Dinner
    "Move beyond parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme by adding these interesting flavors to the foods you love". 
    By Lynn Andriani
    Original Content, February 07, 2012

    Read full article here:

    Spice Up Your Life
    "Setting up a spice cabinet for the first time? Or just ready to spring clean your old one? If you need help, Napa now has a gem of a resource with Whole Spice, located in the Oxbow Market in Napa."
    By Maria Noel Groves, for The Associated Press
    Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 12:00 am

    Read full article here:

    A passion for flavor - in 5 Chapters 
    "Ronit and Shuli Madmone are the owners of Whole Spice, which has a sweet little shop in the Napa Oxbow Market as well as a thriving online mail order business."  
    Two Long Spoons
    Read full article here:

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  • Testimonials

    Christina, -"The herbs and spices Whole Spice offers will take your cooking to a whole new level! As a foodie at heart, I can't believe I didn't find them sooner! Whole Spice products have earned a permanent spot in my kitchen!"

    The Spice Diva  - "After visiting Whole Spice at Oxbow City Market last year, I was inspired to open a spice store of my own in Virginia.  The romance of smelling the fresh spices and inspiring cooks, both professional and personal, to make life delicious was irresistible.  In looking for a spice vendor for my store, there was really only one choice - Whole Spice Company.  They truly offer the most exquisite, freshly ground spices that I could find in the whole country.  Their service is personal and amazingly fast.  Many of my customers tell me that my spices have completely changed the way they cook from okay to fantastic!  After only a few months in business, chefs now come to my store every day to seek the quality and variety of my Whole Spice spices". @thespicediva  

    AprèsVin…more goodness from the grape! "I’ve been using Whole Spice herbs and spices in my recipes for infusions and baked goods for almost five years now.   Though I initially purchased those ingredients from other suppliers -- today I only buy from Whole Spice.  They can’t be beat in quality and freshness, and their creativity with blends and the introduction of new flavors is unparalleled.   Communication is always excellent, pricing is reasonable, and shipment is prompt. Superior flavors--thanks to Whole Spice--are the primary reason for the sustained growth in product sales that my small company has experienced through the recession.    I’ll be buying ever increasing amounts of herbs and spices from Whole Spice this year and for the foreseeable future, not only in support of existing lines but also for the development of new products to bring to market." AprèsVin is very pleased and proud to exclusively feature Whole Spice ingredients in our culinary products!"
    Eric Leber, Ph.D. President

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