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Blending the Curry

After the curry spice formulas are meticulously researched and developed, the blending process begins.

The blending of curry spice is a complex procedure since most curry blends have many ingredients. Each one of the spices undergoes a different processing prior to grinding. For example: Our curry leaves are bought fresh from the Indian Market. We let them dry outdoor in the shade, and once they are dried then they're ready to be ground. Our mild chilies, from California and New Mexico, are hand cleaned (seeded and stemmed) and this process is done to ensure 100% flavor of the chili since the stems and seeds can diminish the taste leaving it very bitter. Our cumin, cardamom, chilies and coriander are roasted over an Indian wok and then ground into a fine powder.

We grind the spices and chilies separate because of the texture of each spice, plus we derive more layers of taste with this type of procedure. A simple analogy would be, you wouldn't grind coffee beans and cinnamon bark together, different textures and flavors, and it would ruin the pure taste of the coffee.

The next stage of the blending is where the magic happens. We blend the spices according to our secret formulas. Lastly, the sifting process begins in order to make sure that the texture is smooth and uniform. And once that is confirmed, we immediately pack the spices to ensure optimum quality and freshness.

This process may be slow, but the end result is a quality taste unlike anything you can buy in a supermarket. We want our customers to be 100% happy with our products, and that is enough reason for us to take our work seriously.

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