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Burger Paradise

The all American hamburger is a national treasure -- a juicy, beef patty, sandwiched between two fluffy, buns topped with mustard and mayonnaise, some lettuce, cheese, and tomato . . . and you are in burger paradise.

Even though the hamburger derived its nomenclature from Hamburg, Germany, it took the Americans to evolve the burger into becoming the worlds most popular pleasure food. With literally hundreds of upscale restaurants and major burger chains offering up a wide variety of the most unique burgers to choose from, its no small wonder that the burger has earned its renowned popularity.

What is it about this particular food that people love? Well, the answer to that is obvious its the patty, and the general consensus is that, most people prefer beef patties. A whiff of beef patties cooking over hot charcoals carries an enticing aroma that sends your head spinning, knowing that any minute you'll be savoring the taste of your favorite pleasure food.

But there are also great alternatives to beef burgers such as turkey, fish, chicken, lamb and veggies. Yet, a perfect burger is so much more than a patty sandwiched between two fluffy buns. A perfect burger becomes The Burger when the taste is full of flavor, and you cant help but lick your fingers after every juicy bite.

Making the perfect burger at home can be fun and creative, especially during those summer months. Being creative can mean just about anything -- I am talking about spicing up your burgers with the perfect seasoning, which can make a huge difference between a good tasting burger and a great tasting one. Just choose your favorite patty then think beyond salt and pepper. Mix in the spices and herbs to the meat right before shaping the patty into those perfect round-mounds. The idea is to allow the spices to cook into the juices of the meat.

Here are some great suggestions: If you have a particular fish that you like, try adding a little dill, chives and celery seasoning for that extra, tangy flavor. Or if you're having a beef burger, add some paprika, cumin, garlic, and onion powder to the mix - this is a great way to create a zesty tasting burger. Remember that the beef contracts as it cooks, causing the middle to rise up. Make a small depression in the center of the patty with your thumb -- this keeps the burger flat as it cooks.

As a great alternative to the traditional beef patties we would like to share our spicy salmon burger recipe with you; its low in fat, low in carbs, high in protein and full of omega-3 fatty acids with a bit of a sassy kick. Just add your favorite toppings and condiments on your choice of bun, serve it with our fantastic lavender lemonade and you are good to go!

We hope you enjoy the summer with outdoor barbecues, great tasting burgers, made the way you like them, and cold drinks to cool you off.

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