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Cajun Country

One of the countrys great gastronomical pleasures is when you journey through Louisiana, specifically Cajun country. One can always expect to stumble upon that very spicy sausage called Boudin or succulent gulf oysters ready to be shucked. And theres always heaps of rice topped with spicy red beans. Visiting the famous New Orleans bistros in and around the French Quarter all the way to Lafayette in South-Central Louisiana would be an epicurean delight.

So exactly what is Cajun food?For centuries, Louisiana has been morphing into its own diverse culture garnering much deserved recognition for its famous Cajun cuisine. With strong influences from the French, Acadians, Italian, Spanish, and African cultures, came signature dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya, boudin (spicy sausage), red beans and rice, and others. These authentic dishes are considered some of the most popular in the world each are sassy hot, full-on tasty and colorful imbued with complex seasonings. Cajun food is a culinary microcosm within a macrocosm, as each ethnic group added its own special touch, if only to make their mark on the local cuisine. Believe me, it is well appreciated!

But the great thing is that if you cant make it to New Orleans to enjoy their delicious fare, you can experiment at home with the many amazing Cajun seasoning available online or at your local specialty food store. Or search for a Cajun-style restaurant nearby. You may not experience the fun and pizzazz of the French Quarter, but you can certainly play some good Cajun music while you dine at home.

For a taste of New Orleans try using our Cajun seasoning made with salt, paprika, onion, garlic, chili, white pepper, thyme, black pepper and oregano. This traditional seasoning mix is used in many of the Cajun recipes, specifically, blackened-fish, chicken and seafood. It is also a great blend for meat rubs before grilling. Rub on a bit of oil; shake on 1-2 tsp. seasoning per pound of meat.

Below is a favorite recipe of ours only this time we use tofu instead of meat - perfect for vegetarians!

Red Beans & Rice with Spicy Tofu- click on link