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Cocoa nibs the wonder food!

In last week's article we wrote about chocolate, and because this is such a huge topic to cover, we decided to split up the information. This week we will highlight the benefits of cocoa nibs.

Most often we think of chocolate as a candy that's loaded with all kinds of fattening ingredients that will cause you to gain weight and is unhealthy to consume. But, pure chocolate in its unadulterated form is far from being that pure chocolate is packed with antioxidants and disease fighting properties. Nowadays, you can find a lot of chocolate products made with 100% cocoa butter and less sugar.

Cocoa or cacao nibs are made from 100% cocoa. The nibs are produced when the cocoa beans are removed from their pods, fermented, dried, roasted, cracked open and the shells or husks are discarded. Most nibs are ground up and made into the chocolate we come to know and love. When used as a flavor enhancer they can add a subtle, crunchy chocolate flavor to baked goods without all the sugary sweetness. They can also be used in many savory dishes from hot oatmeal to sauces such as, chicken mole, or they can be used to flavor meat rubs for pork or beef dishes. Don't forget about adding cocoa nibs to make your own creation of trail mix perfect for taking on long hikes or bike rides when you need that extra boost of energy.

Cocoa nibs are excellent to use in almost any dessert because for one, they are not too sweet; and two, they can add a complexity to any meal; and last, but not least, cocoa nibs allow you the pleasure of enjoying the essence of chocolate in every bite.

Try this simple and tasty recipe for making Cacao Nib Cookies - and savor every chocolatey morsel!