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Fast and Friendly Kiddy Kuisine

Fast and furious does not necessarily mean running at break-neck speed to win a race. It can also mean running around in the kitchen trying to figure out what to cook for three hungry boys.

Preparing healthy meals, while satisfying fussy eaters, and saving time in the kitchen are just a few of the many accomplishments I strive to achieve when cooking for the family. After all, making good, tasty food does not need to be a battle against time and voracious appetites. So in order to keep a calm pace in the kitchen, I created a collection of easy kid-friendly recipes that have already won the hearts of my sons.

I use some of our exotic and unique seasonings as a way to add flavor to any recipe be it stir-fry or dessert dishes. Last week, we presented several kid friendly herbs and spices that not only elevate the taste of food but also provides important phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. Because my husband and I have a spice business it is important for us to introduce our children to all the great herbs and spices when they are young, so that when they grow older they will know the difference between a habañero chile pepper and Spanish paprika pepper.

This week I am happy to share one of our favorite recipes that I have named Kid's Grilled Chicken Breast Strips, which my sons love to bits. It calls for our special taco seasoning blend, paprika, and granulated onion and garlic. Just follow this quick and easy recipe and enjoy the extra time you have from being in the kitchen.

Kids Grilled Chicken Breast-Strips - click link