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This week’s recipe is two dishes in one: home-made seasoned pita chips and a chunky fattoush salad for them to top.

Many dishes that originated in the eastern Mediterranean region (think hummus, falafel, baklava and pita bread) have become popular in the Americas over the past few decades. We think it’s time for fattoush to take its place alongside these favorites. And — bonus! — it’s easier to make than any of them.

Fattoush is basically a fresh vegetable salad with pita chips or croutons, seasoned with sumac and za’atar in the dressing. It originated as a thrifty way to use up day-old bread, but the combination of flavors and textures is so winning that we often find ourselves toasting up fresh pitas just so we can make it.

There’s another way our fattoush differs from the Mediterranean original, Ronit says: 
“Although traditionally it has no cheese, I find feta cheese to be a great complement for the fresh salad.”

Use the best olive oil on your shelf for this salad, which also calls for Kalamata olives and fresh lemon juice. And feel free to adjust the seasoning to your personal taste: “I like mine with extra lemon,” says Ronit.

The instructions for this recipe begin with the pita chips, which Ronit blends with our Za’atar Blend for authentic eastern Mediterranean flavor.

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