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Flavors of the World

Sometimes life can be a juggling act trying to balance all your activities and still manage to cook a nutritious and satisfying meal for the family. Yet, there are ways to make cooking easier by using simple ingredients that will transform an ordinary dish into something hearty and flavorful.

First, we shall start with grains, particularly rice. There are traditional methods to prepare rice, which is to boil and simmer. And, then there is rice-a-la-Ronit way. For me saving time in the kitchen while preparing healthy food for the family is something of a top priority. I like to make rice dishes that are reminiscent of the flavors from where Shuli and I grew up. For example, I combine a medley of spices, herbs and dried fruit for a touch of Morocco. The end result is a richness of almonds, the sweetness of dried apricot and the chewy texture of rice. Or you can use wild rice for that extra layer of texture.

Satisfying and healthy whole grain side dishes are actually exciting when you add our ready-made rice seasonings.Whole grain dishes like barley, quinoa, rice and bulgur are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients and are also rich in carbohydrates, the body's main fuel supply. Research shows that high-fiber foods may help you prevent weight gain or even encourage weight loss. You will feel full longer with these delicious and healthy whole grain dishes.

You don't have to travel to Morocco to enjoy a traditional Moroccan meal you can prepare a simple rice dish using our Moroccan Sweet Rice Seasoning that carries the flavors of the Mediterranean: fried onion, sliced almonds, green and black raisins, cinnamon, onion, pine nuts, orange, turmeric, black pepper and cloves. The bright colors and full flavors of this rice blend combines beautifully with rice or couscous and would pair perfectly with a simple grilled fish.

Now you wont have to fret over what to make for dinner. We have made it easier for you to serve hearty and scrumptious meals and have extra time for yourself with our assortment of exotic rice and grain seasonings: Almond Cranberry Herbs Rice Seasoning, Almond Cranberry Orange Rice Seasoning, Honey Curry Jasmine Rice, Moroccan Sweet Rice Seasoning, Persian Apricot Rice, Moroccan Harissa Rice Seasoning, and Yemenite Rice Seasoning.

Sometimes, I like to sprinkle the Almond Cranberry-Orange Rice seasoning over my salad just for that extra layer of flavor.I hope you will enjoy experimenting with the many ways to use these amazing rice seasonings. Every meal will be a feast, every bite will be an adventure!

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