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Ghost Chili apparition, weapon or food?

In the hills of northeastern India there's a ghost lurking around, and it's is not your average haunting spirit. I am talking about the ghost chili pepper also known as bhut jolokia. This potent pepper is claimed to be the hottest naturally grown capsicum on the planet. Some of the farmers in that part of the world have had this to say about it, when you eat just one, its like dying; its so hot you cant imagine.

To further emphasize the point, these peppers are so hot that workers handling them have to wear goggles and gloves to avoid burns.

Back in February of 2007, the ghost chili pepper was declared to be hottest in existence by the Guinness Book of World Records. And the Scoville scale measures its spiciness at more than 1,000,000 units. Now that is hot in my book -- scale or no scale.

The ghost pepper is used as a food and a spice, as well as a remedy to combat the unbearable summer heat in the sub-Asian continent by inducing perspiration. The farmers also smear the peppers on fences or incorporate them in smoke bombs as a safety precaution to keep wild elephants at a distance.

No matter what the use, the ghost pepper is not an apparition, and is in fact, a fantastic way to fire-up the taste of salsas, sauces and dips. Perfect for turning up the heat in Mexican food, but do remember -- a very little goes a long way.

For all of you hot and spicy food lovers, Ive got just the perfect ghost chili recipe for you --Ghost Chili Bell Pepper Dip!