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Green Mangoes

Most of us are familiar with the sweet, tartness of a delicious tasting mango? But have you ever used mango as a spice?

If you have ever traveled to India or browsed around in any Asian specialty market, you may have seen amchur spice. But what you may not have known is amchur is none other than an unripe green mango.

The spice, amchur, am meaning mango and chur meaning powder, is made from raw green mangoes, which are sliced and sun-dried, then ground to a powder. The powder has a slightly fibrous texture and beige in color with a similar taste to tamarind.

Amchur is commonly used as a souring agent for making chutneys, curries, soups, and marinades it is also used as a table condiment. There is not a household in the northern region of India that does not have a container of this piquant spice on-hand. Most amchur enthusiasts use it to tenderize meat, fish and poultry before it is cooked in tandoor ovens the result is a succulent, mouth-watering dish!

And just like the whole ripe fruit of mango, amchur is very good for you; its loaded with many health-giving benefits such as phytonutrients, antioxidants and high in Vitamins A & C.

Think of this green mango powder as a way to add an exotic taste to food, just as you would with lemon or lime. For a tangy taste, try adding amchur powder to stir-fried vegetables or pastries or even sprinkle over a mixed fruit salad.

To get you started on using amchur powder here is a zesty recipe I am sure you and the whole family will enjoy!

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