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Holiday Meals With A Twist


For making holiday meals with a twist, I plan on using several of our popular artisan flavored salts: Fleur de Sel al Pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika), Truffle Sea Salt, Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt, and Smoked Hickory Sea Salt.
A few of my favorites are fleur de sel al pimenton which is made from dried smoked peppers and pure sea salt that is used in many Spanish dishes, especially for making great tapas, such as patatas bravas, calamari fritas, and the famous aioli sauce, which is made from mayonnaise, garlic and smoked paprika.

Another great seasoning enhancer is our fleur de sel with black olives that can also be used in creating exciting tapas dishes.I like to make Mediterranean roasted chicken with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary, some fresh slices of lemon, seasoned with black pepper, and of course, our olive salt.

Try making your own tapas this holiday season by serving up a tray of devilish, deviled-eggs made with our fleur de sel al pimenton.

One of the most amazing salts we have available is the truffle salt, which is such a gem that it is difficult to mention all the good things about this amazing condiment. First of all, truffles are considered the most expensive natural delicacies in the world commanding as much as up to a few thousand dollars per pound. Truffles have been cultivated since the late 19th century mostly from farms in France, Italy and Spain, but they are now being grown in the U.S.

I will feature another article at a later date about truffles as it deserves a lot more space. But, for now, to derive the most enjoyment from truffle dishes, one must know what they are buying as there are four notable varieties on the market: the French Black Perigord, the BurgundyTuber, the Italian Alba White, and the less expensive BlackTuber brumale. We use the white and French black species with pure Italian sea salt to make our truffle salt that will add a rich pungency to any dish.

Because truffles are so delicate and burn easily when cooking with them, I often use our truffle salt, and make my own truffle flavored butter when roasting vegetables or meats. Its a good way to maximize taste and fragrance without burning the truffle.

If you want to try making your own truffle butter, the recipe is quite simple: for the inexpensive method use ¥ stick of unsalted butter (room temperature), a dash of truffle salt, then mix together until it is creamy. Or use the more expensive way which is to finely grate one black or white truffle (about ¢ oz), add to the softened unsalted butter, and mix until creamy and smooth. You can actually freeze the butter to use at a later date.

When I roast turkey or chicken, I rub truffle butter under the skin which infuses the meat with the earthy flavor of the truffle. To make a gravy that is to die for, pour the drippings from the meat into a saucepan, add additional butter and whisk them into a rich sauce to be poured over slices of meat, or over vegetables; the luxurious taste of this gravy will curl the toes of anyone who indulges it.

So if you plan on roasting a turkey or chicken for any of your holiday meals, try using one of our many artisan flavored salts and spices. You may also want to try making some exquisite truffle butter at home; a little bit of this exciting butter will go a long way.

Below is an easy recipe for making mustard egg salad using truffle salt; this is a very tasty and healthy dish to serve during the Holidays for lunch.

Mustard & Truffle Egg Salad - click link for recipe