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  • Shuli’s Creamy, Non-Dairy Tahini-Turmeric Shake

    Look for a brand of tahini that gurgles a bit when you shake the jar. This indicates the ground sesame seeds and their oil have not separated too much for you to be able to easily recombine them, and also means the flavor should be nice and fresh.

    (makes 1 cup)

    1 cup filtered water or pomegranate juice
    3 ice cubes, or a similar amount of crushed ice
    2 Tbsp. Tahini paste, as freshly ground as possible
    2 Tbsp. pomegranate concentrate (if using water)
    1 Tbsp. honey
    ½ tsp turmeric powder, as freshly ground as possible
    Pinch Himalayan pink salt or finely ground sea salt
    Pinch black pepper, as freshly ground as possible

    Place all ingredients into a blender, mix well and serve fresh.
    Optional garnish: Drizzle with pomegranate concentrate or, for extra fiber, a tablespoonful of fresh pomegranate arils.

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