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Paprika Series Part 3 - Moroccan Paprika Oil

When I was growing up, I wondered why my mom's food looked so colorful and shiny red. I always noticed a bottle of red hued oil on the counter but never realized that this was her secret ingredient paprika oil.

In Morocco, paprika is used to season meat, fish, cooked salads, bean dishes, and various stews and soups. The paprika oil is great to use as a substitute for the standard olive oil. It gives the food a unique flavor, color and a glossy sheen to the appearance. It can be drizzled over dips or any dish for that matter, as well as slowed cooked meat, vegetables, beans and fish.

To prepare your own red Moroccan oil please click on My Recipes for the instructions. You will also find a recipe for Simple Moroccan Tomato & Eggs breakfast
Now you will have your own secret ingredient of paprika oil and you too, will shine as bright as the food.