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Pizza on the Grill

As the days become hotter and the sunlight lasts longer, we make it a point to do most of our cooking outside on the grill. And I have to say that one of our favorite things to grill is pizza. Now you might wonder why I would ever want to grill pizza on a barbecue pit, and I would tell you because it tastes great and you don't have to use a hot oven to make pizza. Besides, who wants all of that heat inside the kitchen when you can keep it outside where it belongs? And no, the pizza dough will not fall through the grates.

Forget about takeaway pizza, grilling pizza at home is a fantastic way or THE perfect way to make great tasting pizza and you can be as creative as you want. But before you start throwing pizza dough on the grill there are a few pointers you need to keep in mind beforehand: a) make sure that the grill is cleaned and well-oiled, so that the dough will slide from the grill without sticking; b) refrain from rolling the dough to thin, otherwise it will cook too fast and burn; c) brush both sides of the dough with oil before placing on the grill; d) use a lightly oiled baking sheet or tray to place the cooked side of the pizza face up; d) brush pizza sauce on the cooked side, add your favorite toppings but try to avoid piling dozens of items, as it will weigh down your crust, and possibly split open before you have even tasted the pizza; e) if you want to use heavy or raw ingredients such as meat, tomatoes, artichokes, etc., it would be a good idea to pre-cook them before adding them to the pizza; f) don't worry about the shape of the pizza crust, its the taste that's important; and, lastly, this is crucial the coals need to be cooled down without flames as too much heat can cause excessive burning and what good would that do, if you cant eat the very thing you have been anticipating?

The trick is to grill the dough on one side and then lightly brush the cooked side with sauce and add your favorite toppings, especially our famous Pizza Seasoning - perfect for amping up the flavor. Then place back on the grill for the final showdown, and close the lid so the toppings can bake to perfection. Make sure to keep an eye on the pizza as you want the smoky flavor and grill marks without burning it up.

There's just something amazing about grilling pizza -- you can do so much with flavors, texture and appearance! These flame-licked, puffy-crusted pizzas with zesty sauce will get you every time. After your first attempts of grilling pizza at home, you may never want to order takeaway pizza again.

Try out this favorite recipe of mine, and enjoy the long, warm summer days ahead with your very own home-made pizza!

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