Yelp Reviews

Dana V. -American Canyon, CA 7/03/2012

"Sarah is so helpful! Plus, every time we arrive with an empty bottle from the grocery store spice glass container she gives us a 5% discount. YaY!
I suggest buying your spices/salts/sugars in the little bottles since they are fresh seal packed and easly used that way.
The Smoked Bittersweet Paprika made our already de-lish dish even better and the French Grey Salt rocks on baked potatoes is awesome!
Raspberry White Chocolate Sugar makes your coffee a even better treat too.
This is a must stock up on all your spices and the "trendy" ones with a twist to amaze those you cook for."


Nelson Q. - Faith, Family, Friends and FOOD....That's how I roll...... Las Vegas, NV - 6/28/2012

"Wow! you don't have to travel the world in search of spices, Whole Spice brings the world to you. "Trendy" spices such as smoked paprika and a few rare sea salts are available as well as spice rubs and flavored sugars are found here too.

I have never even heard of or used some of these spices, like Dukkah, Zhug or Phoron, and I was surprised they even carry Pink Curing Salt, which has other aliases, or its more familiar abbreviation, TCM (tinted curing mix) an additive used in the charcuterie world which keeps meats from oxidation and looking bright and appetizing (hot dogs, ham, corned beef, etc.)

Step aside kosher salt and black peppercorns, there's a lot more interesting seasonings in town!...ALOHA!!!"


Patti T. - Sacramento, CA - 6/05/2012

"I've been to Oxbow Market twice and bought spices from Whole Spice each time. They have a very BIG selection of spices, mixed spices, rubs, salt, and anything and everything you can think of ...they HAVE IT! Nice part is you can just get the amount you want, a few ounces if you arent sure you will like it. Not like grocery stores, you end up buying a jar and never use again.

I live 1 1/2 hour away and I wanted more spices. The website has a lot for you to order from (but I don't think they have as much selection as they do at the store). The shipping for ground transport is only $8.95 no matter how much I bought (I bought 5 lbs worth of spices). OMG I ordered them late Sunday night...they were delivered on my front door on Tuesday morning WOW- that's the fastest service ever!

I love their BBQ Spicy Rub and the Vindaloo Masala mix- wonderful!"


Katherine L. -New Orleans, LA - 3/25/2012

"This was my first time in Napa and my friend and I were just driving around town and exploring. We stumbled into Oxbow Market and were extremely excited about Whole Spice. We love to cook and we love to experiment, and coming from New Orleans, there is no place there that has the variety of spices that Whole Spice has.  Our favourite purchase has to be the Smoked Yakima Applewood Sea salt out of the 12 we bought (haha). Yes we got a little out of control.  We haven't been disappointed by any of the spices that we purchased, and we bought a little over 3 ozs each.  I got really worried that we were running out of the Applewood, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that they sold their spices online. Score!

What more can I say? I wish we had a store here in New Orleans."


TINA T. -Elk Grove,CA 6/06/2012

"I agree with Patty...very helpful and friendly service. Love their spice blends: chipotle honey rub, crushed habanero - 1 dash goes a long way! , za'atar, 7 spice Lebanese,  I'm like a kid in a candy store!  Compared to grocery store spices, some are cheaper by the oz here."

Kristine D. - A Mama on the Move!Mountain View, CA 11/27/2011

“Located inside the Oxbow Market, Whole Spice offers the most amazing variety of spices I've seen anywhere.  Patrons are encouraged to unscrew the lids from the store's collection of large spice jars and smell anything they'd like --- curries, rubs, sugars, salts and more all yours for the sniffing!  You can purchase already packaged shakers of spices or should you find a jar your nose can't get enough of, bring it to the counter and the person running the place will measure it out a requested amount and bag it for you.

I walked away with a small bag of Hickory Salt, some Apple Maple Sausage rub, a little jar of Sweet Onion Sugar and  Lavender (France) Fancy.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with them!

If you become an Oxbow Market member (which takes seconds), you can get 10 percent off your purchase.”


Robin T. - Long time Foodie - Napa, CA 5/22/2012

“I can't say enough about the inventory at this store.  I discovered it strolling around the Oxbow waiting for my C Casa Taco's.  Who knew so many spices could be crammed into a tiny little area.  They have everything you could think of and more.  I found the spice needed for a girlfriends test recipe she is experimenting with on her next cookbook.  The prices are by the ounce and I think are very reasonable for the quality you get.  They even have REAL Ceylon Cinnamon which is getting harder and harder to find these days.  I went there to get one thing and came out with 5 spices my kitchen couldn't function without (little did I know) Check out is a little slow and they don't have the space but two employees instead of one would benefit the store greatly.”