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  • Wine Country Spotlight: Ronit Madmone of Whole Spice

    This season we’re going back to our roots in California’s wine country, where the first Williams-Sonoma store was opened. Along the way we’ll be spotlighting the local chefs, artisans and producers who have made the region a top culinary destination and continue to inspire us, in the kitchen and around the table. 
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  • Whole Spice sells seasonings from around the world

    Inside the paprika-colored kitchen cupboards in Shuli and Ronit Madmone's Novato home are the secret weapons of cooks without borders: porcini mushroom powder, chipotle honey rub, Turkish baharat, Yemeni zhug, Moroccan ras el hanout, even Tex-Mex taco seasoning. A nosy visitor can only marvel at the culinary adventure this stash represents.

    More exotic spices jostle for space on a wall-mounted rack near the stove, and an enormous bag of cayenne pepper sits in the hallway, en route to a chef. Continue reading

  • House of Spice

    North Bay couple brings fresh, high-quality spices from all over the world to creative Wine Country foodies by Diane Peterson

    The spice trade has become a long way since 2000 B.C., when pepper India was carried along the Silk Road to the Middle East or across the ocean on ships. Because these spices traveled for so long, and changed hands so many times, prices could soar to 40 times what they cost at the source. It's no wonder the precious peppercorn became a symbol of wealth and powder in ancient Rome. Continue reading

  • Israeli couple bringing a world of flavors to Napa

    Whole Spice

    On the outside Whole Spice is one more unremarkable modern warehouse on a strip mall in Petaluma.
    But inside the small room, the atmosphere evokes the mysterious world of an ancient caravansary: bins and barrels of exotic spices, dark red paprika, golden tumeric, green methi leaves (what are methi leaves?) and the mingled scents of cardamon, nutmeg and cumin. You almost expect to see camels laden with treasures from the East. Continue reading

  • Meal Rescue Squad: New Ways to Spice Up Your Everyday Dinner

    Move beyond parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme by adding these interesting flavors to the foods you love.
    By Lynn Andriani

    Matcha (Green Tea) Sea Salt Continue reading

  • Take a look at the magazine article below Continue reading

  • Whole Spice By Anne Paddock

    417817_10151604332418658_1344709116_nGrocery store-bought spices were always a staple in my cabinet until I discovered Whole Spice – a California company that offers a wide selection of very fresh, all-natural herbs and spices without artificial colors, flavors or additives. Whole Spice offers more than 400 herbs, spices, seeds, blends, mixes, rubs, nuts, teas, fruits, vegetables, sugars, and seasonings in a variety of ways:  whole, ground, powder, seed, granules, flakes, nibs, diced, sliced, granulated, crushed and more. Continue reading


    Husband and wife duo Shuli and Ronit Madmone founded Whole Spice, a Napa Valley company dedicated to the production of spices and herbs, in 2000. Having had experience in the business through his parents’ spice shop in the 1970s, Shuli decided to open his own outlet in the United States. Although sourcing products from all over the world (including India, Morocco, Israel, and South America), the couple is quick to note that all purchases depend on quality. “Each season, we may purchase herbs and spices from different origins,” explains Ronit. “It all depends on the quality of the products.” Their dedication to excellence also translates into in-house grinding and roasting practices.



    Whole Spice is a freshly ground herbs and spices company from Napa Valley. Husband and Wife team Ronit and Shuli Madmone started their business back in 2000 but their family’s spice history dates all the way back to 1970! Continue reading

  • Israelis 'Spice it Up' at the Oxbow Market

    Since we’re too early for check-in at Milliken Creek, we decide to stop at the Oxbow Public Market in downtown’s Oxbow District, very near the Napa River Trail.

    This is where we meet Shuli and Ronit Madmone, an Israeli couple who own Whole Spice, which markets a wide variety of spices. Continue reading

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