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Revitalizing turkey leftovers

Okay, it is post-Thanksgiving, and if you were hosting the grand feast, you are probably wondering how to make the best use of all the food that wasn't eaten, especially the turkey?

We have the perfect solution to revamping your leftovers. Try adding a half-a-cup of one of these unique rice seasonings: Almond Cranberry, Moroccan Sweet Rice, Persian Apricot, or Moroccan Harissa rice mix to recreating the perfect turkey and rice casserole or turkey bisque with rice soup.

For something different and just as filling as rice or potatoes you can also use our Veggie Couscous Seasoning or Israeli Couscous Mushroom Seasoning to make some awesome couscous dishes.

These exotic-inspired seasonings are made with 100% natural spices and herbs from all around the world absolutely no artificial flavoring and they are simple to use. They not only add an array of colors and textures to every bite, they also elevate the flavor of any dish -- every bite will be an adventure.

We hope we've inspired you to use our new line of rice and grain seasonings over the holidays for making incredible casseroles, stuffings, and amazing couscous dishes with flavors from all over the world.

With all the numerous ways to cook leftover turkey, we think youll like making this simple turkey and rice recipe which will make a completely satisfying meal with vegetables, grains and protein in every serving.

Simple Rice & Turkey Leftovers - click link