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Spiced Sandwiches Make Easy Meals Special

Sometimes you just want a quick lunch or supper without getting out all the pots and pans, but you still crave more flavor than the usual makeshift sandwich provides.

With a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand, plus a dash of herbs and spices, you can turn your meal into a signature sandwich with made-to-order condiments that rival those of the most upscale carry-out counters.

It is so simple to make your own spiced spreads that you’ll find yourself creating original mixtures in no time. Just blend your spices with just enough olive oil, grapeseed oil, hummus or mayonnaise to make a spreadable paste, and smooth it onto your favorite bread — then add your chosen ingredients, side dishes and a drink to complete the meal.

For more protein in a vegetable sandwich, mix in some hummus, cottage cheese or labneh. There are almost no limits to the combinations you can enjoy; here are a few of our favorites, to get you started:

Spiced Spreads for Sandwiches and More