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Spring Into Action

Spring is here and with it comes fresh ideas and new beginnings. It is the perfect time to try out some new recipe ideas that will create a lasting culinary impression on your family and friends. An easy way of turning a simple dish into something great is by using some very unique flavored sea salt that will add a whole lot of flavor to your roasted meat, fish vegetables and even desserts! At Whole Spice we blend our sea salt fresh at the warehouse. Here are some of my favorite blends of flavored sea salts that I use for holiday cooking:

Fennel Sea Salt(Fleur de sel) - A blend of fennel pollen and sea salt

Wild fennel blended with sea salt adds something extraordinary to cooking. Smell the fresh fennel and immediately you will relax into a sublime state of mind. The aroma is sweet and pungent, smelling intensely of everything that is superb about fennel. Now cook with it, and you will be amazed at how something ordinary can taste extraordinary. A touch of fennel sea salt on fish, pork or vegetables elevates the natural taste into great ones.

Herbs De Provence Sea Salt(Fleur de Sel) A blend of French gray salt, basil, thyme, savory, rosemary, tarragon, lavender and fennel.

Celebrating the signature flavors of France, this aromatic seasoning combines premium French gray sea salt with a classic medley of Provençal herbs. An essential addition to any pantry. Our versatile blend can be used as an ingredient in cooking or to season foods at the table.

Saffron Sea Salt (Fleur De Sel) - A blend of freshly ground saffron and French sea salt

Saffron on its own is a prized culinary spice used in many exotic dishes. But when saffron is blended with Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt), then it becomes something most sophisticated and refined a highly treasured ingredient worth its weight in gold. Use it sparingly but use it well -- a tiny bit goes a long way, especially when preparing rice or vegetable dishes. Try it on fish, paella, lamb tagine, chicken, or our favorite Persian Kabob. Whole Spice Saffron Fleur de Sel captures the complexity and intensity of the most awesome gastronomical delights.

Matcha (Green Tea) Sea Salt

Matcha is a premium green tea powder harvested in the famous tea fields of Kyoto, Japan. The verdant green hue in Matcha is a result of a lengthy cultivation that also gives it a high level of amino acids, and a subtle sweetness. The leaves are stone-ground to a fine powder which we use to create Whole Spice Matcha Salt. Matcha can be used for health purposes as well as in gourmet recipes for Asian food such as tempura, edamame and tofu dishes. Matcha salt is perfect for lighter dishes that allow the delicate aroma to permeate. Try it on scrambled eggs, steamed fish, or on chocolate and desserts

Sea salt & Malt Vinegar - A classic, British-inspired blend of tangy malt vinegar and sea salt

In Great Britain, piping hot fish and chips are traditionally seasoned with the bright, lively flavors of malt vinegar. Here, we've combined a tangy malted vinegar powder with flakes of premium sea salt to create an irresistible seasoning for everything from golden, batter-fried fish to crispy French fries.

Vanilla Fleur De Sel (Sea Salt)

Whole Spice Vanilla Bean Sea Salt speaks volumes on how valuable this rare blend is, especially for chefs and epicureans alike. This rare sea salt is harvested from the coast of Brittany, France with the utmost care. Our premium vanilla beans come all the way from the Isles of Tahiti and Papua New Guinea, which are hand-scrubbed to perfection before the blending begins. Our unique vanilla sea salt is exquisite with seafood and poultry, and naturally compliments sweet and sour dishes as well. Vanilla Fleur de Sel is also great for making vanilla bean caramels, Foie Gras and also adds a rich taste to hot chocolate. If you're into trying something new use our vanilla sea salt on the rim of a classic margarita it will rock you silly!

The following recipes are some great and easy ways to appease any appetite for any occasion.


BBQ & Vinegar French Fries (click on link for recipe)

Caramel Sauce & Vanilla Fler de Sel (Sea Salt) (click on link for recipe)