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Super Maca

Food enthusiasts have been raving about maca for sometime now, and if you are wondering why, then I am happy to provide what information I know about this amazing super food.

Maca is an herbaceous plant of the cruciferous family that is native to the Highlands of the Andes Mountains in Peru where the Ancient Incas built and lived in a city on top of the Andes peak called Machu Picchu.

For centuries, maca was revered by the Incas, as a miracle food sent by the gods to increase physical stamina, enhance fertility and especially as an aphrodisiac. It is still highly regarded by the Peruvians for its nutritional and energy boosting properties; and by all of us who have enjoyed its many benefits.

Maca is packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, tannins, complex alkaloids and other phytochemicals. It is a close relative of broccoli, radish and watercress, and it even kind of looks like a fat radish. The earthy, nutty flavor of maca makes it a perfect complement in smoothies. So for an afternoon burst of energy, get out the blender and have a maca smoothie, its very low in calories and high in octane without the all the caffeine.

Varying in size and shape, the root of maca can be triangular or flat and circular which the latter forms the largest root. It can be creamed-color, gold and even red, purple, blue, green or black.

Maca can be prepared in various ways, not just in smoothies. Traditionally, the Peruvians cook maca either by roasting the roots in a pit (considered a delicacy), or boiling and mashing them into a thick liquid for making porridge. The roots may also be ground into a powder to produce flour for baking, or used with other vegetables for making empanadas or soups.

Maca is mainly grown for its root, which the majority is sold in a dried form that can be stored for up to several years. Our maca powder is a great emulsifier that can be used to stabilize fats and oils together with starches and sugars. Use it in beverages, desserts or in any of your favorite recipes.

Whether maca is truly an aphrodisiac as the Ancient peoples had believed is up to the individual. But for me, I just love the health benefits that it provides as a wonderful beverage. So I will leave you with this easy smoothie recipe that you can enjoy anytime of day.

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