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Super Seaweed

We know that seaweed and sushi are synonymous to Japanese cuisine. But ever since the meteoric popularity of sushi hit the globe, seaweed has evolved from being just a healthy snack to becoming a versatile, all-purpose healthy super-food.

Japanese people have been consuming this edible saltwater plant for hundreds of years with their dinner, their lunch, and even for breakfast. What makes seaweed so flavorful lies in the combination of certain ingredients. For example, the Japanese combine seaweed with salt, sesame seeds and a little sugar to make furikake, which is used to sprinkle over rice and to make rice balls; it is also used as a table condiment. Sometimes wasabi (the hot green stuff you taste in sushi) is also added to the seasoning to create a fiery kick.

There are various types of seaweed that include algae, nori and kelp but the main one is the roasted nori that most of us are familiar with. The versatility of seaweed seasoning can be incorporated in many types of dishes, especially rice and noodles. It is superb for seasoning fish and vegetables, potatoes, eggs, salads, soups, and basically any food you fancy eating. Popcorn can go from being a fun snack to an extraordinary one with a few sprinkles of seaweed seasoning.

For us, we love choosing from our three types of Japanese seaweed seasoning to flavor cooked rice or even quinoa. Sometimes we substitute ordinary salt with seaweed seasoning as a table condiment. But don't think that the many uses stops at the culinary level, seaweed is a powerhouse of healthy nutrients and vitamins. In fact, sea vegetables in general have more iron than red meat, more vitamin C than citrus fruits, and more vitamin D than milk how is that for packing a healthy punch?

However you use seaweed seasoning, you can be as creative as your imagination will allow. Well get your started with this simple, yet delicious rice recipe:

Seaweed Seasoned Rice- click link