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brining meat

  • To Brine or Not to Brine

    For those of you who have not ever tried brining meat or poultry, then you might want to consider doing so this Thanksgiving.

    First of all, brining is an age-old process using a mixture of salty water to preserve or add flavor to food. Salt is a natural preservative so back in the days of yore, the salt was used on long sea-voyages to prevent food from decaying.

    Today, brining has taken on another purpose; it is a great method of tenderizing meat, poultry or fish, while infusing flavor and locking in the natural juice. Brining is widely used for other foods such as cheese, olives, and certain vegetables.

    The amount of brine used depends on the size of the meat or poultry. By using smaller quantities of salt along with other herbs and spices in the brine mixture, the end result will be a moist and flavorful dish, whether it is turkey, chicken or pot roast. Continue reading

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