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  • Easy-to-Make Dipping Oils Add Flavor to Any Meal

    Olive oil and grapeseed oil, delicious as they can be on their own, become even more mouth-pleasing and versatile when infused with herbs and spices. You can find many varieties of commercially-made infused oils on the market, or you can make your own for a fragment of the cost.

    Why bother? Well, there's not a meal in the day that can't be made a little more fragrant and flavorful with infused oils:

    For a light breakfast, toast your favorite bread, add cheese and drizzle with herb-and-garlic infused oil.

    For lunch, sprinkle infused oil on salads or drizzle atop a hot or cold soup.

    For dinner, roast potatoes and chicken with a drizzle of chili and garlic oil.

    Got the munchies? You can also drizzle flavored oils on pizza, hot bread, mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes and popcorn. Continue reading

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