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  • Sea Salt: Queen of Condiments

    A fairy story told in many lands concerns a foodie princess who is exiled after angering her father, the king, by telling him she loves him as much as salt. She becomes a great chef and, unbeknownst to the old king, arranges for him to be served a lavish banquet prepared without salt.

    You know the ending:

    When the king complains that his meal is bland and tasteless without salt, his disguised daughter doffs her toque and reveals her identity. The scales fall from his eyes, they embrace in forgiveness and she takes the throne as queen.

    The way to a human heart is not through the stomach, but the palate, and no mineral knows it better than salt. For thousands of years, humans have harvested salt from the seas, boiled it out of spring water and mined it from deposits left by ancient oceans, in order to flavor and preserve their foods and trade for goods from saltless lands. Continue reading

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