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  • Smokin' Good Paprika

    Fragrant, colorful, exotic, subtle are just a few of the characteristics that can describe paprika. It is one of those spices that evoke memories from my past, as it was a household staple that my mother used regularly from seasoning food to infusing olive oil. And don't get me started on the smoked version of paprika OMG!

    Whenever the subject of smoked paprika enters my mind I am as giddy as my young son when it is snack time. The amazing flavor of this bright red smoked pepper can add such a delicate, yet deep, woodsy like flavor to your cooking that it makes my head spin with delight - it's that versatile.

    In the Spanish region of La Vera, the farmers harvest and carefully dry the peppers over wood fires from burning holm oak wood for about two weeks before they are ground into a deep-red powder. This version is known as pimenton de la Vera. Smoked paprika is mostly used when making paella or arroz con pollo dishes. Continue reading

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