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Libyan cuisine

  • Iconic Couscous

    The iconic couscous that most people are familiar with has become one of the most popular dishes in the world with origins allegedly dating back as early as 238 to 149 b.c.e.

    Couscous is considered a staple product of North Africa, and is proclaimed as the national dish of countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

    Couscous has garnered a much deserved reputation as being a good dietary dish as well as one of most versatile foods to prepare; it can be mixed with vegetables, legumes, meat, fish, or mixed in with dried fruit and sweet spices such as cinnamon. Its versatility also stems from the various ways of preparation as each of the respective countries have their own signature dish that can be associated with various ceremonial events such as in Tunisia, couscous is traditionally served at the end of Ramadan celebrations; and in other countries, it would be served at births and wedding feasts. Continue reading

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