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Moroccan food

  • All About the Sauce: Charmoula Pt 2

    As a lover of all things related to food I am always eager to explore new and exciting ways to spice up my gastronomical world. However, if I go back to my Moroccan roots, I dont have to look any further than my own kitchen pantry.

    For me, there is no other diverse culture, like the Moroccan culture, which (for centuries) has presented such rich flavors, aromas, and textures in their culinary skills. The colorful presentation and perfect selection of spices and fresh ingredients are what make Moroccan food among one of the most pleasingly balanced of all cuisines.

    Recently, Ive written about charmoula (or chermoula) seasoning, which contributes to some of the most unique sauces and marinades that make Moroccan food stand out so proudly.Charmoula has been the basis for so many tagine-style dishes, and as previously mentioned, it can be used as a dry rub or a marinade. Continue reading

  • Flavors of the World

    Sometimes life can be a juggling act trying to balance all your activities and still manage to cook a nutritious and satisfying meal for the family. Yet, there are ways to make cooking easier by using simple ingredients that will transform an ordinary dish into something hearty and flavorful.

    First, we shall start with grains, particularly rice. There are traditional methods to prepare rice, which is to boil and simmer. And, then there is rice-a-la-Ronit way. For me saving time in the kitchen while preparing healthy food for the family is something of a top priority. I like to make rice dishes that are reminiscent of the flavors from where Shuli and I grew up. For example, I combine a medley of spices, herbs and dried fruit for a touch of Morocco. The end result is a richness of almonds, the sweetness of dried apricot and the chewy texture of rice. Or you can use wild rice for that extra layer of texture. Continue reading

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