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summer vegetables

  • Savoring the Summer

    The summer months ahead will bring us gorgeous seasonal vegetables, an abundance of colorful fruit and a wonderful palate of summer herbs and spices. For me, I love this time of year when I can try out a few new recipes on my boys. It is a time when I like using certain herbs and spices during the changing of the seasons, and one particular herb I have my eye on, is savory, sometimes called the "love herb".

    Savory comes in two main varieties: summer and winter (not to be confused with the actual seasons).Summer savory (satureja hortensis) is an annual herb with slender, leggy-like branches that can grow up to 18 inches long. And winter savory (satureja Montana) is a shrubby-like perennial with woody branches that grows to about 12 inches. Both are members of the mint family, and both have a somewhat peppery flavor with a minty background similar to thyme. These plants produce slender leaves and tiny, delicate pale-lilac flowers, which are, by the way, a huge attraction for the bees we need to keep the bees happy and healthy! Continue reading

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