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  • Tempting Bread Toppings

    Ever wonder how you can make bread taste a little more exciting? Well, one tempting way for sure is to add toppings.

    Toppings are nothing new. In fact, we've all bought freshly baked bread made with traditional seed toppings, such as sunflower, anise, flax and caraway, to name a few. But there are more delightful ways to create tempting toppings and how to combine them with different types of breads.

    For example:Challah bread can be made with or without seeds, depending on the occasion. Traditionally, either sesame or poppy seeds can be sprinkled over the top before baking, but you can use many other spices as well. For an unsweetened version of challah coarse salt with savory herbs works well together. A whole wheat version of challah could have a sprinkling of oatmeal, sunflower or flax seeds. And the same combination applies if you prefer the rustic look with white, whole-wheat or rye flour. For challah that is sweetened, the toppings would have the consistency and taste of a crumble made with sugar and flour. Continue reading

  • The Perfect Pita

    My fascination with pita bread comes naturally as Ive been eating it all my life. Of course my mother used to make pita or flatbread in a wood-fired oven, and would add simple herbs or spices to impart different flavors. These days, pita bread is sold in just about every supermarket, corner market and even at convenience stores. But you can make your own perfect pita or flatbread at home, all it takes is a non-stick pan and a little ingenuity to create a variety of great tasting pita or flatbread. Continue reading

  • Za'atar Is Here


    Two months ago, we imported our first shipment of the pure za'atar herb from Israel, and we just can't say enough great things about this king of herbs. For years we have been planning on how we would blend za'atar in the traditional way, and now we have finally succeeded.

    Very often we were asked, what is za'atar? Is it a spice blend, a wild herb, a particular kind of dip or condiment?Za'atar is both a herb and a spice blend of ground sumac and toasted sesame seeds. It is a relative of the oregano family and native to the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions. The blends vary from region to region, but, generally, the flavor is herbal and nutty. Both herb and spice blend are very popular throughout the Middle East and the recipes for such prized mixtures were highly guarded secrets that weren't even shared with family and relatives. Continue reading

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