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Tarragon Unlocks the Flavors in Fish, Chicken

One of the classic French culinary herbs, tarragon has a long and illustrious pedigree. Its very name, Artemisia dracunculus, evokes ancient, even mythical times:

Artemisia is derived from Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, and “dracunculus” is Latin for “little dragon.”

Tarragon is easy to grow in the garden, but its fresh leaves are very brash in taste compared to the dried herb. That’s why most recipes that call for tarragon specify using the dried leaves, which are also a component of the iconic French blend known as “herbes de Provence.”

Just a teaspoon of dried tarragon is enough to bring out the flavor in fish and chicken. It also pairs well with peas, asparagus and other spring vegetables; and it is great friends with mustard, as in this easy salmon dish.

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