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  • Chef Ludo

    "The first time I walked into the Whole Spice in Napa, I was immediately transported into a global journey of spices. Ronit and Shuli truly source some of the greatest spices from around the world. Their blends are precise and balanced. When I asked them to work on my own personal blends, I was so impressed with Ronit's instinctive ability to capture exactly what I wanted on the first try, truly a master of her craft".  - Ludo Lefebvre

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  • Chef / Tv Host and Restauranteur-G Garvin

    "Whole Spice is a mom and pop business that offers the type of service of a very large company. I've been doing business with Whole Spice for over ten years and the quality of their product has only gotten better. I use their spices for both my professional and personal worlds of food. I absolutely love them. This is the only spice I use in my home and my restaurant. Whole Spice is a company of integrity and passion for what they do and they are the best to do it. I am both proud and lucky to be associated with them." - G Garvin

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  • Jamie Tappan, Owner/Director, Pinch Spices Pty Ltd

    “Whole Spice is one of the best kept culinary secrets in the USA. The depth and breadth of their product range is truly extraordinary as is the quality of their ingredients.
    As a wholesale client I would wholeheartedly recommend Whole Spice as a supplier. Their level of professionalism and customer service is consistent regardless of whether our orders are 250lbs or 2500lbs.”

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  • AprèsVin’

    “I’ve been using Whole Spice herbs and spices in my recipes for infusions and baked goods for almost eight years now.Though I initially purchased those ingredients from other suppliers — today I only buy from Whole Spice. They can’t be beat in quality and freshness, and their creativity with blends and the introduction of new flavors is unparalleled.Communication is always excellent, pricing is reasonable, and shipment is prompt. Superior flavors–thanks to Whole Spice–are the primary reason for the sustained growth in product sales that my small company has experienced through the recession.I’ll be buying ever increasing amounts of herbs and spices from Whole Spice this year and for the foreseeable future, not only in support of existing lines but also for the development of new products to bring to market. AprèsVin is very pleased and proud to exclusively feature Whole Spice ingredients in our culinary products!”
    Eric Leber, Ph.D. President

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  • Loop & Tie

    "Loop & Tie is about giving people access to unique, quality gifts and Whole Spice has been a very popular selection among our clients." -Kolton from Loop & Tie

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  • Cakebread Cellars

    “Walking into Whole Spice is like being a kid in a candy store for the passionate cook. The selection of spices is unreal. They have every spice you could ever ask for and more.”
    - Brian Streeter Culinary Director of Cakebread Cellars

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