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“I’ve been using Whole Spice herbs and spices in my recipes for infusions and baked goods for almost eight years now.Though I initially purchased those ingredients from other suppliers — today I only buy from Whole Spice. They can’t be beat in quality and freshness, and their creativity with blends and the introduction of new flavors is unparalleled.Communication is always excellent, pricing is reasonable, and shipment is prompt. Superior flavors–thanks to Whole Spice–are the primary reason for the sustained growth in product sales that my small company has experienced through the recession.I’ll be buying ever increasing amounts of herbs and spices from Whole Spice this year and for the foreseeable future, not only in support of existing lines but also for the development of new products to bring to market. AprèsVin is very pleased and proud to exclusively feature Whole Spice ingredients in our culinary products!”
Eric Leber, Ph.D. President