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Thai Food At Home

Last week we began exploring the amazing world of Thai cuisine, and have concluded that this food deserves a very high level of recognition.

We touched briefly on the basic ingredients that go into making the renowned curry pastes. This week we will give more insight on what goes into making some of the signature Thai dishes. And at the end of this special series, we hope you will think twice about ordering Thai take-out and, instead, whip up your own version of pad-thai or chicken satay.

Here are some of the basic ingredients:

The Thais use fish sauce made from dried and fermented fish, called nam pla, which gives dressings, soups and salads depth. You will taste it in traditional pad thai recipes.

The Thais use is shrimp paste, which is made from ground shrimp that is fermented. Shrimp paste can be very dry and firm or moist and soft. It is commonly used for making Thai curries which adds another dimension of flavor.

Coconut milk is the body to sauces and curries, as well as to some of the Thai signature soups and desserts such as, sticky rice with bananas.

Ground Thai chiles provide more complex flavor and heat than standard chile flakes, and are the base for the famous Thai curry pastes. Fresh Thai chiles are used to add another layer of flavor and less heat than the birds eye chile peppers that go into the super-hot green curry paste. You will taste them in familiar dishes like Kung Pao Chicken among other authentic Thai dishes.

Ginger is also another common ingredient in most Thai dishes; it can be served raw, shredded, diced or added to sauces, soups, stir-fries and salad dishes.

I would like to mention that sometimes fresh ingredients like lemongrass or kaffir lime leaves are not always available in the market so using the dried versions of these exotic herbs provides the same elevated flavor and requires a lesser amount for the same result

I would like to leave you with this delicious chicken satay recipe:

Thai Chicken Satay- click link