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The "Wow" Factor in Chile Salt

When looking for the wow factor in gourmet flavored salt, few salts rate higher than chile salt. The exciting combination of dried chile peppers and salt could not be anymore simpler, but the end result is something that simple that you can't even describe. Adding heat to the flavoring of a dish without dominating it, is what chile salt can do; and it does it real good.

Chile salt can be made with any variety of chile peppers from Aleppo, California and Habanero to hot-hot-hot ghost chile peppers. And just a small amount provides enough seasoning for a large dish of sorts. Chile salt is the type of seasoning that is good for those who are trying to cut back on their salt intake. Imagine, you can still enjoy your favorite foods without the worry of too much or too little salt.

Now here's another wow factor to consider: Chile salt on fruit. That's right! Asian people do it; and Mexican and South American people do it! Every now and then throughout the summer months you will notice on the sides of streets a fruit stand strategically placed selling fruit and little baggies of chile salt.

In Mexico, the fruit is served with freshly squeezed lime juice then salt and chile are added. At Whole Spice, we are going to make Chile Lime salt using the same concept. We hope you will enjoy experimenting with this crazy delicious gourmet blend.

Why would you put salt on fruit? Salt teases out the flavor of the fruit while enhancing its sweetness. In Vietnamese food, chile is almost in everything and eating fruits with chile is no exception. Currently, there is a green mango season going on, and green mangoes with chili salt is a great way to stay refreshed during those hot summer days. Sprinkle it on watermelon, mangoes, or any seasonal fruit you have a craving for -- think Margarita rimmers!
Part of what I love doing in the spice business is being able to discover new seasonings and new ways to use them, especially creating new recipes. And right now I'm loving the new way to gorge myself on delicious fruit with a pinch of chile salt. Here is an idea for serving the perfect summer snack:Slice 1 mango (not over ripe). Drizzle fresh lime juice (1/2 lime per 1 mango). Sprinkle your favorite fine sea salt and a touch of chile powder. Cayenne is the most common one used, but you can have fun trying habanero, marash, Aleppo or even chipotle chile powder.Hot fun in the summer!