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Top Ten Cookie Jar Favorites

Because the Holiday season is that time of year when the pressure is on to organize gift buying, entertaining and cooking, we thought we would help you out a bit. We have come up with 10 of our very own cookie jar favorites that you might want to make for the Christmas festivities. And even if you are not the worlds greatest baker, you will still enjoy messing around in the kitchen with all of the baking spices, flour, morsels of chocolate, flavored sugars, etc., in creating your own signature Christmas cookie recipe.

As with any great cooking endeavor, you will need to have all your ducks-in-a-row, or in simple English, be organized by having all the necessary ingredients before you start out in the kitchen. Then once you have organized yourself, that's when the fun begins . . . we hope you will find a little inspiration with the following ideas:

Top 10 Cookie Jar Favorites

1) Rose-Sugar chocolate chip cookies. Use only a few tablespoons of Rose sugar in addition to the amount of sugar required. The subtle fragrance of the rose will permeate every room of your home during the baking process.

2) Snickerdoodle hotties Imagine the combination of cinnamon with a hint of cayenne - sweet and spicy meet and fall in love. This will be a real treat for any occasion. Just add ╝ tsp of some of these hot spices that will work well in this recipe Chili Ancho or Urfa Chili or a touch of Cayennne.

3) Oatmeal cookies with walnuts, diced dates and oat flour.This goes without saying, substitute regular flour with diced date oat flour for an amazing cookie jar treat (diced dates with oatmeal flour is available for purchase online).

4) Ginger and spice cookies. The distinctive flavor of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, Allspice and pepper make this popular cookie a Christmas classic.

5) Shortbread cookies these popular cookies are indispensable for busy holiday bakers. You can dress up your cookies by adding various ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts, or bittersweet chocolate, to your cookie dough recipe.Keep a ready supply of dough in the freezer for instant gratification.

6) Citrus sugar cookies A great example of how lemon, tangerine and orange peel can turn a regular cookie into an indelible cookie experience (see recipe below)

7) Maple Cranberry & White Chocolate Chip Cookies The fine blend of maple and cranberry sugar with the combination of white chocolate is sublime to say the least. Use in a recipe ¢ portion sugar and ¢ maple cranberry sugar.

8) Tahini cookies a real favorite of ours. Very simple to make, and very yummy to eat! All you need is the tahini paste, almond extract and just follow a simple cookie dough recipe.

9) Walnut & Raspberry Swirl Cookies you will savor every chewy and moist bite of these colorful textured cookies.

10) Lemon Bars A zesty, easy-to-make treat using dehydrated lemon peel and lemon juice and follow a simple cookie dough recipe.

Just during holiday season, try not to fret about all those calories and carbs you might chalk up, and, instead, eat in smaller portions and indulge your sweet-tooth guilt free! Oh, BTW, dont forget the eggnog. Sprinkle Hawaj for Coffee spice on top of your eggnog beverage and you will be on cloud nine.

We hope you will be inspired enough to try making at least one of our top ten cookie jar favorites.

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