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Turkey Brining Made Easy

Have you been thinking about brining your holiday turkey, but uncertain about how to pull it off? Good news: Brining is a lot easier than it sounds.

“I was very much intimidated by brining, up until I made my homemade pastrami,” says Ronit, who was surprised at just how simple it turned out to be.

“It does not have to be complex — all you need is the meat, seasoning, water and a clean bucket or a stockpot,” Ronit says. “I like to keep things simple by using ingredients and dishes I have in the pantry.”

Why brine? You’ll find that soaking the bird overnight in seasoned, salted water is one of the best ways to ensure moist, flavorful meat with tasty juices. You can make your own brine, or use a prepared brining mix.

Our own Turkey Brining Blend combines kosher salt, to draw out the blood and cleanse the bird; brown sugar, which adds just a hint of sweetness and helps the bird to brown; and a balanced blend of spices and herbs: garlic, juniper, black peppercorns, fennel, chili, bay leaves, thyme, lemon, sage, allspice and rosemary.

“I have now joined the group of people who brine their meat before roasting,” Ronit says.

You don’t have to save brining for holiday feasts: You can follow these same instructions to make succulent grilled or roasted chicken. Tip: Make sure the brining water is truly cold, not lukewarm or warm, when the turkey goes into the container.

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