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When Chili Met Chocolate

If you’ve ever tasted spicy chocolate with chili pepper, you know how good it is. A traditional Mexican flavor pairing, this dynamic duo is making its way around the world in pastries, ice cream and even meat dishes.

Our current favorite chili-chocolate combo comes from Ronit’s brother, Gadi Kakon. He’s a pastry chef in Tel Aviv, where we are spending time with our families this year. (You might remember his recipe for Hamantaschen, posted here earlier this year.)

Recently, Gadi made for us a rich chocolate cake with an Urfa chili chocolate sauce. It was so good that we begged him for the recipe, which he graciously provided so that we may share it with you.

Why Urfa? This mild chili, named for the region of Turkey where it is grown, has an earthy-smoky flavor that melds ideally with cacao products. Its heat level of 3-4 on the Scoville scale of 1 to 10, combined with a high essential oil content, makes it accessible to most palates.

Get the recipe »» Chocolate Cake with Urfa Chili Chocolate Cream