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Why We Love Harissa

Especially popular in Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian cuisines, harissa adds its bright color and bold flavors to a wide variety of dishes. 

Whatever you’re making — rice, couscous, soups, salads, vegetables, stews, kabobs and even sandwiches — harissa makes it tastier.

That’s why one of the first dry rubs we developed was our Harissa Spice blend. Ground coarse or fine, it’s a balanced base on which to build spectacular meals.

For extra-spicy flavor, sprinkle Harissa Spice on lamb, beef or chicken as a dry marinade before cooking. You can also mix the blend with olive oil and rub it under and onto the skin of a whole chicken before roasting. Added to mayonnaise, Greek yogurt or labneh (strained yogurt cheese), harissa makes a piquant sandwich spread or dip.

You can make a traditional harissa paste by mixing the dry blend with chopped garlic and olive oil. Add fresh and dried peppers and a little tomato paste, and you’ve got a spicy sauce for vegetables, fish or meat.

So next time you’re wondering how to spice up a meal, think harissa!

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For more ways to use this versatile blend, please see Harissa the Great!