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Your Family's New Favorite Dinner: Crispy Schnitzel

Breaded, pan-fried slices of chicken and meat are called by different names around the world.

In English we know them as cutlets; the Italian name is scallopini, the French escalope and in German, it’s schnitzel.

Israelis also call it schnitzel, and have made it one of their national dishes. That’s not surprising, given the large number of German and other European Jews who migrated there in the 20th century — bringing their cuisines along.

Over the years, Israeli schnitzel has become a cherished family meal. Our little boys love it, especially the honey-spiced version in the recipe below.

Traditional German schnitzel is not a spicy dish, but you can make schnitzel to your own taste with just about any combination of spices that appeal to you.

The basic method remains the same: Pound thin slices of meat, marinate them for an hour or so, bread them and fry until golden.

For maximum crispness, we recommend frying one schnitzel at a time; crowding them in the pan will induce sogginess.

A fresh salad is the perfect accompaniment.

Get the recipe: »» Honey BBQ Schnitzel (Pan-Fried Chicken)