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Gourmet Tea

Gourmet Tea

We source our teas with the same attention to quality and freshness that we give our spices and herbs. Choose from green, black and red Rooibos teas, chai and caffeine-free tea blends. We also have powdered Matcha and Sencha green tea.

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11 Item(s)

  1. Black Tea

    From: $6.50
  2. Chai

    From: $8.00
  3. Gyokuro Green Tea

    From: $24.50
  4. Hot Orange Tea Caffeine Free

    From: $6.00
  5. Hot Rosa Tea - Caffeine Free

    From: $5.90
  6. Lapsang Souchong Tea

    From: $7.30
  7. Matcha Pre-Mix

    From: $10.00
  8. Rooibos Tea

    From: $9.50
  9. Sencha Green Tea

    From: $8.50
  10. Sencha Green Tea Powder

    From: $7.50
  11. Yunwu Cloud Mist Green Tea

    From: $6.40

Grid List

11 Item(s)