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We have a wide variety of nuts and grains for your recipes. Choose from almonds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, pistachios and more. Buy nuts in bulk or choose smaller quantities depending on your cooking needs.

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  1. Almonds Unsalted Roasted

    From: $6.50
  2. Almonds Unsalted Sliced Roasted

    From: $5.50
  3. Chocolate Dukka

    From: $6.00
  4. Druze Nuts & Spice Mix

    From: $9.25
  5. Dukka

    From: $6.00
  6. Pumpkin Seeds Roasted

    From: $13.00
  7. Raw Pine Nuts

    From: $14.00
  8. Roasted Pistachios Unsalted

    From: $9.50
  9. Unsalted Roasted Hazelnuts

    From: $8.50

Grid List

9 Item(s)